On the Cards

Last week Ron and Maggie on the card stall turned it in, they are well-passed retirement age and there was no way that that van was ever going to get through the MOT but they will be missed.

They left a load of boxes of old cards behind and when at the end of the day I saw Laurence the towels picking them up and putting them on his van I thought ‘What does he want with a load of old greeting cards that didn’t sell?’

It was three days later when I was talking to Ken the socks that I found out why he wanted them.

He had taken the boxes of cards down to Charlton Street and when Ken wasn’t looking he had individually hidden the cards throughout all of Ken’s stock, it’s going to take him weeks to find them all.

This week Laurence got a note through from the post office.
Someone had sent him a letter but hadn’t put a stamp on it so he had to go down and collect it.

Laurence drove down to the town centre, paid to park and walked to the reclamation part of the post office where an employee showed him an envelope with his name and address on it and told him that he had to decide on whether or not to pay the two pound that it costs to claim it.

He said to the guy behind the window “I’m curious, let me have it”.

He opened the envelope to find a familiar card inside. It was from Ken. I won’t tell you what was written in it but suffice to say it was a one-word message beginning with a W.

Laurence was not amused. We all thought it was hilarious.

That’s this week’s report from Pete the Market Trader. The man on the street. Literally

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