The Spring Madness Continues

This week’s smartest punter award goes to the lady buying perfumes from ‘Holistic Stan’.

Now as market traders we have a thing about discount. I know that you all think that you are expected to ask for discount because you are on a market but you are not in Marrakesh now. If something is up for a pound just pay the pound and be happy and three items does not constitute a bulk buy. Having said that if you are spending good money feel free to kick us.

Stan’s customer spent good money. She spent ninety-seven quid and Stan said:

“Darling, if you spend over a hundred pound you get ten percent off”.

“I’ve got all I need!” replied the lady, indignant at his attempt to sell her more perfume.

“But Darling” said Stan “If you buy one more it works out cheaper”.

“I don’t want to spend the extra three pound” she said and walked off.

You can’t help some people.

That’s this week’s report from Pete the Market Trader. The man in the street. Literally.

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