I don’t think they’re Jeckle’s


Been a better week on the stall this week. Worried Michael turned up with a cotchel of kid’s designer polo shirts. I say designer, it has a logo that is two men on two separate horses playing polo and the word Ralph is nowhere to be seen.

I think that they are kosher and they should be okay with Trading Standards. They remind me a bit of the football shirts that we sold during the world cup that had ‘two lions on a shirt’ and they were okay with them.

That was around the time that we sold the kids tee shirts that had the names of all of top clubs emblazoned over a football with world cup written on it. We had them all: Manchester; Liverpool; Chelsea; Newcastle. It wasn’t until after I had taken delivery of ten boxes of the shirts that Little Laurence pointed out that Manchester and Liverpool didn’t actually play in the world cup.

What do I know about football, from the age of eleven I spent all my Saturday’s working on a record stall in Milton Keynes selling ‘Geoff Love’s Banjo Party’.

As fate would have it the T’s turned out to be a rocket of a line and I went back for another batch.

That’s this week’s report from Pete the Market Trader. The man on the street. Literally.

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