Stupid Tax

I’m not sure if it’s the change in the weather but the punters have gone a bit do-lally.

This week I had two ladies buy FIVE bits from the twenty pence, six for a pound bin.

Ten minutes later I had another punter looking at the three-pound leggings

“How much are the leggings?” she said.

“Three pound sweetheart.”

“Can I have three for ten?” she enquired

I paused momentarily waiting for the penny to drop and then, when it didn’t, I replied

“Of course you can darling”.

Always happy to oblige.

Perhaps it is a bit unfair of me and I should point out that they’re not actually doing themselves any favours, but in situations like these they have to pay what we call ‘stupid tax’.

Besides, even at five for a pound, I like to think that they are still getting a good deal and those leggings are £12.99 a pair in Marks, I know the supplier.

That’s this week’s report from Pete the Market Trader.

The man in the street.



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  1. Peter Coath (Post author)

    Great work Peter!!


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